Witch Hat and Tombstone Halloween Treat Cups

Today we are making Halloween treat cups.  I know it is only August, but if I don’t get started on Halloween and Christmas, I will never be ready.  I have two Halloween Treat cups, a witch hat and a tombstone.  They are great for holding candy or treats for any Halloween party and easy to make.

What goblin or ghoul wouldn’t love this treat cups?  Whether it is for a scout troop, a classroom or Halloween party, these Halloween Treat Cups will go over great.

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • various scraps
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File
Paper Selection For the Halloween Treat Cups

The paper for the base needs to pretty heavy to hold up (at least 110 lb. wt.) and two sided. I used typical Halloween colors to make these. The other papers can be any weight and one sided.  Patterns would work for any of the papers except the lighter grey because the pen drawing would be confusing.  If you want to use a pattern instead of the light grey and delete the drawing, that would work too.

Cutting the Halloween Treat Cups

These are fairly easy to cut.  There are lines cut on each side of the witch hat to make the folds line u[p with the inside of the hat.  You may need to cut them if your Cricut doesn’t cut them clean.  The tombstone doesn’t have these.

The Cricut will do all the drawing.  I used a green gel pen for the drawing on the tombstone and a black marker for the witch hat.  The font I used was Cult Std. which is a Cricut font.

There are lots of little pieces so be careful you don’t lose them.  The files are two different projects so you will need to make one type of treat cup at a time.

Assembling the Halloween Treat Cups

Start by re-creasing the folds.  As mentioned earlier there are small cut lines under the brim of the hat.  You may need to cut these by hand if the Cricut did not cut them completely.  Do not glue the cups together until after attaching the embellishments.

The embellishments all have a small outline around the outside of the pieces.  Make sure you center them on the base before gluing.  Look at the pictures before gluing to see how they are arranged.  Then glue the letters on the tombstone in an arc.  

Now you can assemble the cups.  First fold up the tabs on the sides.  Then fold up the base.  You can put glue on the tabs now.  Glue one side at a time.  The space is very tight for your fingers inside.  I used a thin scraper to secure the inside tabs glue.  Try to line up the sides of the cup with the design of the cup.  The sides of the hat are slanted in, the tombstone slants slightly out.  let the glue dry completely before trying to fill the cups.

I prefer Art Glitter Glue because of the tip.  It adds glue in very thin lines so you can be very precise.  And it takes a few minutes to set so you can move whatever you are gluing a little.  And it dries clear on everything but acetate, which I need sometimes, because I am messy.  It is getting to be Fall and they do not ship when it is cold so be sure to order enough for the winter soon.

And your Halloween Treat Cups are done.  Your little trick or treaters will love the treats you stuff in the cups.

The Story of the Jack-o-lantern

Legend has it that Stingy Jack invited the devil to have a drink with him, but Jack didn’t want to pay for the drink, so he convinced the devil to turn himself into a coin. Instead of buying the drink, he pocketed the coin and kept it close to a silver cross in his house, preventing the devil from taking shape again.

He promised to let the devil go as long as he would leave Jack alone for a year – and that if Jack died, the devil wouldn’t claim his soul.

After a year, Jack tricked the devil again to leave him alone and not claim his soul. When Jack died, God didn’t want such a conniving person in heaven and the devil, true to his word, would not allow him into hell.

Jack was sent off into the night with only a burning coal to light his path. He placed the coal inside a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the earth ever since.

 – from 10 fun facts about Halloween

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