WOW!! This Saint Patrick’s Day Bubble Card is Amazing

This Saint Patrick’s Day Bubble Card is made from a two piece ornament.  The ornament is 99 cents from Hobby Lobby and you get two cards from that!  That is so much cheaper than the $6 each you get for the bubble card kits from Sizzix!  There is a special consideration for what to “stuff” them with, but I envision heart shaped ones made with heart ornaments and so much more!

Saint Patrick's Day Bubble Card

There is, however, no way this card is going in an envelope!  I would give this card in person or include it in a box of other stuff because the box envelope you could make would cost a small fortune to mail!  But WOW this card is impressive!!!

You will need:
        • Cardstock for the base and various cardstock scraps
        • Pen
        • Plastic Bubble Ornament (6 mm size)
        • Glue 
        • Glue Gun 
        • Filling for bubble
        • Download File
Paper Selection for the Saint Patrick’s Day Bubble Card

The base card for this card is green but does need to be two sided because of the front piece doesn’t go to the edge.  The front art is drawn with a pen so patterns can be used for the base card but the front image really needs to be solid or a very subtle pattern.  Gold foiled paper was used for the shamrocks inside and add some bling.

Filling the Saint Patrick’s Day Bubble Card Bubble
Because it is so big and not flat special consideration has to be used when picking the shaker bits.  They have to be two sides and 3D.  I used dried flowers which fill nicely.  Shamrock beads would work if they are 3D.  But one sided jewels or paper wouldn’t work because the bubble is too big and the shaker parts could turn around.  I envision a baby card with little plastic rattles.  (Maybe next card.)
Cutting the Super Bowl Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a brown marker.  Did you know that you can use any pen in your Cricut?  You can see the trick here.  I used a great font called Pr Celtic Narrow.  You can get it free at Dafont.  

I also used the idea of using CONTOUR to fill in the front drawing.  It isn’t my idea though.  It belongs to this site.  If you want more details, see it here.  The thicker marker you use the better it fills in!

If you are using the SVG files be sure to follow all the directions in the instruction file in the zip file.  The card will not cut the proper size or write properly if you don’t.

Assembling the Saint Patrick’s Day Bubble Card

This card isn’t hard.  First. re-crease the fold on the base card.  then put the shamrocks on the inside of the card randomly.   Look at the pictures to assemble the card.  

The difficult part is filling the bubble and attaching it.  Start by filling the bubble with the shaker parts, open side up.  then put the Celtic drawing piece on top and flip it quickly so you don’t lose any parts.  Don’t worry yet about centering it.  

Once it is turned over, you can then arrange and center it.  Don’t lift it at all!  When you have it where you want it (covering the blank spot in the drawing), attach it by using the glue gun around the outside edge.  After gluing it, I wish I had used a green glitter glue stick.  Maybe next time.


And your Saint Patrick’s Day Bubble Card is done!  See that wasn’t too hard. Don’t try to mail it though.

Fun Facts About Saint Patrick
  • Saint Patrick was actually born in Britain.
  • He arrived in Ireland as a slave
  • He probably didn’t banish snakes from Ireland
  • As part of his teachings, Patrick is supposed to have used the shamrock as a way of explaining the doctrine of the Holy Trinity
  •  Although he was never formally canonised, he has been venerated as a saint, the ‘Apostle of Ireland’, since the 7th century.
  • The first definite St Patrick’s Day parade dates back to 1737, in Boston, Massachusetts, although new evidence suggests there may have been a St Patrick’s Day parade as early as 1601 in Spanish Florida.
  • Several sites fight for the right to call themselves St Patrick’s burial place, but the short answer is no one knows exactly where he is buried. 

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