You Can Do a Rosette With an Explore Machine

Someone once told me, I believe it was Melody Lane, that you couldn’t do a rosette with an explore machine.  You have to have a maker, she said.  While the scoring wheel is easier, you can make them with an explore machine and the scoring tool.

I have done these two rosettes to prove her wrong.  They are both availabe in Access along with many others but I created SVGs for both of them in the download list so anyone can make them (I also include my design space file).  If you want bigger or smaller rosettes just change the size.

What you need:

These can be cut from any pattern or plain paper.  As you can see from my examples patterned paper works just as well as plain paper.  The cricut does all the scoring you 

First fold accordion style all the pieces with score lines. 

Diamond Rosette

The two larger pieces are for the large diamond and need to be glued together.  Use liquid glue for this.  Overlap the end folds of each piece with the end folds of the other piece.  You will need to stand them on end and form a circle to do this.  The smaller piece needs the two ends glued together, again standing on end and forming a circle.

Press the circle flat by forming a cone with the bottom  and pressing the cone flat.  Then glue the diamond to the top of the accordion folds with a glue gun.

Put the smaller rosette on the larger and glue together with a glue gun.

Circle Rosette

The circle is done much the same way except all four accordion pieces need glue together. Form a cone and press flat, like before.

Attach the circle to the top with a glue gun.


Your rosettes can now be used as decorations where ever you like.

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