Z Fold Father’s Day Card to make for Dad

Tell Dad you remembered him on his special day with this Z Fold Father’s Day card instead of just a tie.  He will love it.  And wasn’t he the first important man in your life?

This card may look complicated, but it isn’t.    Z fold cards, as many of you know, are not my favorite cards to make.  But I will teach you anyway.  Maybe it will be your favorite.

You will need:
        • Heavy cardstock for the base (blue patterned)
        • Cardstock for the cutouts (dark blue)
        • Glue
        • Download File
Paper Selection

Cut the card base and the cutouts for fairly heavy cardstock.  At least 100 lb weight should do for one or the other.  Patterned paper looks better for the base than for the cutouts but try it the other way around if you want. Use your imagination

Cutting the card

If dad doesn’t golf you can substitute in the other cutout picture that I have included in the Design Space file.  Or you can make something different.  If you want to know how just email me.

Assembling the Card

First, re crease all the folds and make sure they all work.

Then glue the “Worlds Greatest Dad” banner to the strip piece.  Next glue the banner to the card.  The banner folds go the opposite direction as the base card folds so that the card will stand up. Make sure that the dark blue banner is glued the right way so that the DAD is glued to a short section or it will be upside down.

Fold the tiny folds on the ends under and glue them to the base card.  When laying flat the “World’s Greatest” should be visible and the DAD hidden.  When open, the staggered folds should allow the card to stand.

And your Z Fold Father’s Day card is done!  Enjoy.

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